Studio Update for Omicron

Good afternoon,I hope this note finds you well and healthy. With the omicron variant out there, I felt I needed to check in with you about in person classes and make some updates to ensure everyone's safety. In order to keep everyone safe, for the time being: masks...

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Prepare for 200hr YTT with these classes

What to do to get ready for teacher training? If you are someone seriously looking to take our 200hour Yoga Teacher Training, this article is for you. I get a lot of questions from potential 200hr students about how to best prepare themselves for the program. I...

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5 Tips for Beginning a Yoga Practice

I often tell my yoga classes, if you have ever read a '10 things you need to know before stating yoga' list its all subjective to the person writing it. One day I will write an article called, '10 things you need to know about reading an article entitled 10 things you...

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Part 1: Living with Anxiety

Panic attacks happened, but regular anxiety? That was later. It wasn’t overnight that the fidgety restlessness would set it, it was a long honeymoon between being fine and camping out in my apartment for days at a time.

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Removing the Filters on Our Gaze: Finding Samadhi in Practice

The best definition of samadhi I’ve ever received is this: samadhi is achieved when all of our filters are removed. By that, I mean, everything that has shaped you; your education, gender, upbringing, whether you live in a rural area or urban, the color of your skin, your family relationship, if you have allergies, if you work with physical or health considerations, whether you have been sexually assaulted…and on and on

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Building Trust in Yourself: Creating Inner Dialogue to Support the Self

And a few weeks ago I was reading Deborah Adele’s The Yamas & Niyamas and in her chapter on satya (truth), she describes how we tell ourselves lies all the time. We lie to ourselves about how much time we have, what our capacity for helping can be, what we are going to do for ourselves (go to yoga, meditate, eat better, etc.), and then she asks, ‘Can you trust yourself?’

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Yoga as a Mental Practice or ‘I lost my keys, now what?’

As I moved through this morning’s experience, I kept thinking about how this is my practice in action. All the sun salutations, focusing on breath, the meditation work, they are all lining myself and others up so we may begin to activate these tools during as we encounter sudden shifts in environment. And even as the solution resolved itself and the end was near, even now as I tell the story, I’m still practicing my yoga.

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