Weekly Letter: Letting Go

The right combinations of words unlock awareness inside of ourselves. We find places we’ve never had access to or maybe learn something new we didn’t fully understand before. By using words and language we get to create all these new associations to better grow into...

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Weekly Letter: The Same Practice

Why do we ask our yoga to be the same all the time? I am not the same every day. Some days I feel more strongly than others. Some days I need to take care of my emotions and be quiet or small. But the yoga isn’t asking you to be anything other that what you are. And...

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9 years

9 years. I bought the studio 9 years ago Monday (1/15). Am I any wiser? What have I learned in the 9 years of having my own business? To think back on the person who decided to take on an existing business, she really didn’t know what she was doing. She knew how to...

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