So what does the light and dark show us?

Much like strengthening a muscle, exercising the light and the dark invites us to become more sensitive and aware. To observe the delicate balance of both when we are in the moment so the moment doesn’t take us over.

Exploring light & dark gives way to our humanity allowing us to live freely as a person apart of the planet and the community. It makes us fallible and messy and beautiful and fun!

But most importantly, it asks us to be aware. To watch ourselves with gentle eyes and to treat ourselves first with the kindness we always want to bestow on others. Because if we are numb to our own light & dark, how can we ever hold someone else’s in a safe way?

Exploring light & dark never stops, it changes with you as you grow and move through the world. And your practice is a reminder to come back to this feel their ebb and flow so you can breathe through it all.

The warm glow in the studio is a loving reminder of the power of the light and how to helps us measure the amount of dark we are navigating in the moment.