In late Middle English the word create was derived from the idea that something was ‘born out of nothing.’ And idea, a story, art. Even our postures came from spontaneous movement from deep meditation. The build of prana (energy) in the body caused it to begin to move in fantastic ways. Thus, beginning our asanas. But these movements were free and open, and they might contort through the inspiration. The movement wasn’t directed or criticized. The practioners just allowed the prana to flow and would allow this manifestation of movement to come over them. As though it was being done to them.

Modern yoga holds much rigidity now. Boxing us in with names and labels-all in the name of fitness or safety.

It begs the question: have we stifled yoga with too many rules and expectations?

What if we took yoga back to the spontaneous movement? To places where we were allowed to be free moving and curious. Would you find that to be freeing or would it cultivate fear? In time, with practice, do you think you could allow yourself to move freely and without expectation of what the movement is called or what it means?

Think about it,