Me to Levi: I want to write something about new years resolutions, but how they don’t work.

Levi: there’s a podcast you should listen to…

Link to the transcript and recording:

The Problem with setting goals with NFL linebacker Emmanuel Acho

You don’t have to read/listen to the whole thing if you don’t want to, but the first part highlights where I was trying to go with goal-setting, but with more depth.

I frequently see people creating a goal only to be discouraged by it. They take on yoga teacher training and never practicing again once it’s over. As soon as the individual misses their practice or completes the program, the goal is either unattainable or achieved and then the intended inertia it was supposed to bring, very quickly becomes something draining. They become resentful of the goal as opposed to empowered by it.

I read something recently about choosing the pain you wish to endure in pursuit of what you want to achieve. Deciding the end result is easy. Are you prepared and willing to go through the pains it takes to get there? I will forever look at the goals I need to set through this lens.

I know this letter is less guided than others…I am just asking you to consider another idea.

Your friend in exploration,