The right combinations of words unlock awareness inside of ourselves. We find places we’ve never had access to or maybe learn something new we didn’t fully understand before. By using words and language we get to create all these new associations to better grow into the human we will be tomorrow.

So why is it only language that grants us this access? (Hint: its not)

Without language we would be forced to move and understand in a different way. So is language creating nuance or is it holding us to its frame?

Movement has less rules, less restrictions. Movement doesn’t need punctuation to be alive, but can punctuate. Movement can create associations for the mind, allowing for neurotransmitters to fire and connect. Waves of silken chiffon blowing through the color changing wind without any cares or concerns as to where it will go. It just goes.

There is not beginning or end to this, we take a short time to connect to it and spend that short time with the words trying to tackle the chiffon to the ground. Why do we do that?

What if we allowed the words to be lighter than the chiffon so they may lift into the either and be carried. Maybe then they will fade into something new, finding their own dance and removing the sharp edges of their letters.

Let go,