In reflection after a weekend away with my husband, we were talking about what we love to do when we travel or go places and I surmised that we go for an authentic experience. I struggle with places that are too stark and crave places that have color or character.

As I was reflecting on this, it took me to the practice. What if your practice was a checklist I gave you? ‘Follow these steps to achieve yoga bliss!’ Would you do it? How far down the list would you go before you called bull?

Would it make a difference if the list was only 5 items?

How about 50?

The thing is, if I gave you a list, no matter the size, the list itself would breed a generic feeling. How can I really make a master list of things to do in order for you to connect to yourself in a deeper way? How can I propose to know YOUR path?

While I have experiences and training to guide, the value of the work really lives within the effort you put forth. You can’t outsource that. And you can’t fake it either. You wouldn’t look at your practice the same if you could and you might resent the person making such a promise.

The value is in the work,