I had a meeting last week I was kinda dreading. It wasn’t the person, but the topic. I had put a project on the back burner and I was going into a meeting where I was going to have to admit that. I had built up the outcome in my head (as we do) and was certain I was going to feel the feeling in my stomach we are trained to avoid (dread, regret).

As the meeting was finding its footing among the various things we needed to discuss, after a few minutes, I decided to lay my cards out on the table-outcome be damned.

After I was finished, the person I was meeting with started talking about ‘getting unstuck’ and applying it to different facets of interaction, practice and more.

Without this being either of our intention-our meeting took a theme. And the more we talked, the more this theme kept coming up. At one point, I told her, ‘I usually have a word or phrase that I use for the year and I didn’t have one yet, but I think unstuck is it.’

We had to hold ourselves back for so long due to the pandemic, moving out of the safe hibernation seems scarier than before. Or harder than before. Allowing ourselves the grace to recognize the moments when that resistance is coming in and giving it a good hard look to see if it is something we’re still clinging to and why. Is this something I’m holding back on waiting for the other shoe to drop? Why am I waiting for that?

Stay curious,