I sat down to paint the other day. I’ve been watching a few artists work a medium I enjoy and whose prints I have bought for my home.

The technique is ink and watercolors. I love watching the way their hand floats across the page, they make it look so easy and relaxing, don’t they? I’ve never taken a formal drawing class, but I have doodles in my notebook. I thought I would give it a shot.

The window in my office overlooks the backyard, I want to draw the roof line of my neighborhood. I sit down with my sketchpad (that I’ve never sketched in) a pen and some acrylic paint I have lying around. Here we go! This is going to be amazing!

The first line goes on the page and its not straight. That’s ok, the artists on Instagram don’t always have straight lines. That’s what I like about it. Then the roof line doesn’t match up, whoops. The tree trunk looks weird. How is the garage so much farther away on the page than in real life? What IS that? Maybe this would be easier if I used the right materials and not what I have. I think Michael’s has paint markers. I wonder how hard they are to use.

I work for an hour before deciding to switch to a fresh sheet. That was a bad idea. I just start doodling again for a bit before putting it down.

But I don’t put it away.

Keep going,