There is something very loving about this idea of how yoga can approach you in ways that defy words. How it can be more a feeling than anything and when you hit the stride of it all you just move as though in a dream. Colors are different, and what you see and feel pull together in such a harmony there are few experiences like it.

I recently heard a recording of a friend dictating a meditation for Pranakriya, and my ears just relaxed hearing her. Her words danced through and I felt my entire body soften. Listening to her was as warm as the light in that old studio.

But is this where the light lives? Is this feeling the light?

Could be. It also could just be a deeper sense of relaxation. The tricky part is, I can’t identify the light and dark for you, because everyone’s definition and scale is different. But you, knowing these ideas can begin to consider them.

The light, like the darkness isn’t a destination. We don’t just find the light and live there-otherwise it would be the Precious in a sense and you Gollum. We would have feelings and ideas of grandeur and it would be hard to leave. The light is a part of you which can be activated or snuffed out. It is the exploration of the range of emotion and experience, but it lives very closely to the dark.

It’s the absence of dark. Not the opposite of dark. Like how a gentle cloud can dampen the light, so the purity of the light is always impacted by degrees of dark.