Some of you might know that I’ve been updating my kitchen. It all started with the laminate floor peeling up and well…the thread was pulled. Working in small batches has been fine, but the dust has been exhausting to keep up with.

Then add in that the gardens are popping and my mother is dropping off BOXES of vegetables each week (pictured) and the feelings of being overwhelmed are pretty significant. Do I appreciate the vegetables? Yes, of course. But it’s also the time it takes to turn them into something I can store before they all go bad. So another clock starts. Tik Tok.

A dust bunny rolls by. Tik Tok.

A client email pops up on the phone. Tik Tok.

How is someone supposed to get it all done? Guess what? They’re NOT. Everything comes at the expense of something else and I don’t know about you, but I’m beyond placing these huge expectations on myself just to feel like crap all the time.

I got a messy piece of the kitchen project done over the weekend and then I didn’t open the store Monday so I could deep clean my house from the project. But that meant the store was closed (expense). Tik Tok.

What it also means is that now I have something big off my plate, getting the house in order can eliminate clutter in the mind. The niyama saucha (purity) teaches us this. If your home space, work space or other is cluttered or in disarray, the energy cannot move around. It’s bumping into everything out of place and doesn’t allow the mind to rest or focus. Have you ever gone to class and someone’s yoga mat was placed haphazardly on the floor? Did you want to fix it? By noticing this you’re tuning into the energy of creating a clean and organized space for practice. By creating some order, you’re able to move more efficiently and allow the mind the space it needs to have a deeper experience.

Did I HAVE to deep clean my house yesterday? No. But what will that leave me open for? For the foreseeable future, it appears to be putting up veggies, but then, there’s always something.

In time,