Yoga isn’t loud. Yoga is a quiet stillness, always present, patient. But we are not a patient society and to be conscious of the push/pull, it can make the yoga seem passive aggressive. But its not. It greets you without judgement. It waits and embraces you when you arrive and lets you go when you leave. You know what it will feel like to be there, which also lends to the ease of disregarding it. Because it also wont say anything if you ignore it. And because we are set to be constantly putting out the fires of what time demands of us, without the yoga actively guilting us (like everything else), it gets pushed back.

The guilt of ignoring the practice is not the yoga talking. The guilt is society building this message that we can never accomplish enough. A toxic culture trait that is as easy to access as fast food. Hell, I should have a drive up window for confession of missing practice. I may already, it looks like a long white counter inside a beautiful Downtown building.

If guilt is the fast food, yoga is the nice dinner with a good chair and great lighting. We never regret the really good meal. We always regret the fast food. Reassign where the guilt lives and stop placing it on the yoga. The yoga isn’t judging you.