I think many of you know my husband and I have been doing a slow-moving kitchen remodel. It’s slow, so we don’t lose the function of the kitchen, but if you’ve ever gone through anything similar, it also means other rooms are serving more than one purpose.

I am someone who grounds at home. An old house for me is perfect because it always gives me something to work on. This time of year, I’m often fussing in the yard, but now I’m split between the inside and outside. Also, at this time, there isn’t a room in my house that isn’t serving more than one function as I stain cabinets and organize materials. Ugh. My entire self is uprooted and scattered, leaving me feeling pretty ungrounded.

There are many things that can unground us: an unexpected surprise, a weird interaction, news, the weather, a combination of things. No matter the cause, sometimes it takes a minute to reset and allow balance to come back in. When I feel myself completely off focus, I like to do a series of things to bring me back to center.

    One of the first things I do is journal. You may think it should be yoga or meditation, but I need to do a few things first to settle in. I need a mental dump to prepare my body and mind for a practice. My journal is a place to unload through free association. I just start writing the first thing that comes to mind and it often doesn’t make any sense for awhile, but its as though my brain needs to release the pressure valve to begin the process.

    While I journal, I also have my notebook out designated for my To Do list. Often my writing will highlight different things I need to get done and it helps to be able to jot them down as I go. This is a efficient use of energy to organize the chaos inside.

    At the end of my journal entry, I write reminders of my long-term goals or mission to help me focus on what matters to me. This is one of the most helpful things I do. A reminder of my goals or focus after all the chaotic writing is powerful! It also reengages me to the task at hand.

    Finally, I get the calendar out and begin plugging in things that came up during my writing exercise.

     Once the calendar is out, then the work begins. I can start plucking away at the things pulling at my attention and get a lot done in a short amount of time.

Reminder, we are not computers or robots. We are dynamic creatures navigating a world full of energy. For us to regularly find balance we need to find systems to best support ourselves, so we can give from a full cup.