The opening line of Alfred Domett’s poem, A Glee for Winter I think of every year around this time when Spring teases us with her arrival.

“Hence, rude Winter! Crabbed old fellow,

Never merry, never mellow!

Well-a-day! in rain and snow

What will keep one’s heart aglow?…”

The poem continues and ends with the line:

“Make sweet May of Winter weather.”

The cleansing light of Spring has been teasing us more this year than some. I avoid using language like ‘should’ when it comes to the weather since Illinois is the middle child of the states. Also, because in 2012 I had a tan by March 10th (my birthday) due to multiple days over 80 degrees. We just never really know how the day will shake out. The ebb and flow of warmth is a season within itself before the Earth completely rolls over to the sun.

We grapple with seasons in our own lives that feel like stumbling when it’s actually the forward momentum of progress. With patience you hopefully find your footing and walk easier. Much like the transition of weather our frustration at the inconsistency gets the best of us. I invite you to take a moment and consider maybe more than one place where transition is happening for you. Which are you handling well and which, maybe less so? Is there space to allow transition to be a part of the process, as to make sweet May of Winter weather?

With patience,