Author, Octavia Raheem posted this on her Instagram last week, “A blessing for this week: May you embody a love that is boundless, yet shows reverence for boundaries. A love that is fierce, yet gentle. A love that is wild and always comes home.”

This quote has pleasantly haunted my thoughts all week. Raheem implies that love is fluid, moving and changing. I picture this love as wisps moving through the air in the darkness when they are most visible, being lit from the light of your heart. As though love can only be seen in the dark voids of our soul so we can recognize it as special.

Raheem also characterizes love as being on a few spectrums making it a dynamic entity, a matrix of moving pieces always shifting. This observation feels closer to the truth-as though we will ever fully understand it. But like a sticky dough the love reaches out and weighs toward center more than not. Contentment within love.

So much of love is described with soft edges; pillows our energies bump into until a boundary is enforced or a condition is placed on our love. And when that happens, it’s as though we can hear the emergency brakes skidding to a stop. The mind jerks to attention and some clarification needs to be established.

Boundless, yet shows reverence for boundaries.

And when our boundaries are found, love moves again. The entire system suddenly has a rigid exterior protecting it for a time until it feels available to be fluid and moving again. When this exterior is flexed too many times, bigger changes happen. Love is then redefined.

Love has a baseline, a home. It has a consistent safe place to land and rest. Love rests. Does this rest lead to recharging? Maybe resting is love within a safe context of what it needs to be available for new facets of itself. If it’s ever changing, the rest is less of a sleep and more of a chrysalis for what is to come.

with boundless love,