I love it when I see things that try to simplify yoga, by saying, ‘Yoga is really about [insert overly simplified concept here].

I’m sure I’m guilty of saying it too. And there are a lot of ways to try to simplify yoga down to a simple idea.

Yoga is about being present.

Yoga is about connecting to the true source.

Yoga is about simplifying thought.

Yoga is about getting to the essence of self.

I could really go on. And yes, to a degree yoga can include all of those things. But I think what makes yoga stand the test of time is that it has evolved to embrace our complexities and works to give us a new relationship with ourselves. It asks us to be a student, to pause and consider we don’t have all the answers.

Is that to embodiment of yoga? Maybe. Maybe it is today. But as we evolve, so does our understanding of yoga. It is as fluid as we are because it has to be. Granting space for change and evolution. But also bringing us back to the baseline every day. In order to do handstand, you have to do mountain pose. Always returning to the foundation to better grow out, not up. You can’t do Ujjayi without Dirgha Pranayama. Every. Single. Time. Isn’t that beautiful? It always brings you back to the basics. Like a romance language all its own. No matter what type of class you’re in, you will come back to the basic structure to then grow out of it. Expand and contract. Expand and contract.

So what is yoga about? It’s as dynamic as you are.

Stay dynamic and wonderful,