A couple weeks ago, I felt I was having many conversations with the same theme. It was uncanny how much it was coming up. And maybe this was me interjecting logical fallacies to work with something I had been stewing on, but because the conversations were more conceptual in nature-I’m not sure that’s true.

I often prescribe a theme to my week as it begins to progress. Sometimes these themes help me align with what I need to do or remind me to pause. Themes can create cohesion during a time that’s more disjointed and remind me of my true North.

We often theme in life. We theme around the seasons, the holidays and personal events, but what about those weeks that are less festive? Can you work theme or intention in and create more unification to your inner self?

Does this sound hokey? Maybe, but how many times have you let all the sh** of the week consume you? How many times have you lived in hindsight believing that you could have changed the course of the week by changing your attitude? I’m writing this out loud because I’ve been guilty of it too.

Not all weeks present the theme in an obvious or upbeat way. Last week, I felt like my theme was best described as: disjointed. Yoga teachers have rough weeks too.  Taking notice of what the week was shaping up to be, gave me the reminder to give myself a little grace so I didn’t carry it forward into everything else.

When you don’t have an obvious theme, do you have a mantra or word that you go back to? Something that has deep meaning to you-even if it is simple or silly. Something that reminds you of the essence of who you are. If you’re not sure, pick something that hits home for you today and give it permission to change as you need it to. Pinterest is a great source for quotes, but a Google search can be wonderful too. I don’t care if you write it down, make it your password or tattoo it to your forehead…more than anything, I’m asking you to pause and consider in those fleeting moments during the week. To pause and consider how this moment could change the trajectory of your week.

Savor the pause,