This article is Part 2 of last weeks letter.

Why would I say something like that?

Because we need to get ourselves out of the expectation that there is only one way to access our body and that everyone has to access it the same way. We need to redevelop a sensitivity to ourselves in a way that frees us from boundaries instead of placing more of them on ourselves. How can we ever expect ourselves to be open if we are struggling to move from the binds of rules? What if yoga allowed you a place to be more open to INTERPRET the rules?

If I were to hand you a completely finished Lego set of a treehouse and tell you that the goal of the set was not actually the treehouse, but the absence of it. And your job is to make the treehouse, disappear, how would you go about it? Would you take it apart? Rearrange the blocks into something completely different? Would you throw the entire thing in the garbage (you might argue that’s not making it disappear, but disappear from view)? How would you dismantle this structure so that nothing remained? And what would it feel like to have finished?

The 1st night of 101, I see a room of fully constructed designs. My opinion of what we are doing during this time, is not getting to carte blanche, but the beginning of seeing the pieces of ourselves in a different way.

Free yourself,