Eight years ago, I sat down with my attorney to discuss the purchase of MSY. He was asking me a series of questions to best set up the business for the future and make sure we don’t have to redo things later. A lot of his questions seemed pretty routine, but then he asked me if I ever wanted to franchise the studio.

I remember being surprised by the question. I didn’t even own it yet and now we’re talking about more locations? I said no and we moved on.

In the moment I went with my gut. I didn’t have any plans to franchise and it hadn’t even occurred to me.

I always like the smallness of the studio and the cozy feel of small personal classes. Smaller classes lend themselves for more personalized attention, assists and deeper conversations. Having worked for a franchise in the past, I know how easy it is to get derailed if one location isn’t doing well and how it steals time and attention from others. I never wanted to do that here.

Not to mention a pandemic 5 years down the road that would significantly change the landscape in many ways.

Today, I think about that question often. Not because I don’t want to grow. I just don’t feel more locations are the right way to grow for MSY. I’d rather grow in substance than size. I’d rather strengthen our relationships with clients. I’d rather have time to nourish myself, so I have more to give.

So do I want to grow? Yes. But do I want to franchise? Still, no.

And I look forward to growing with you too.