Savasana and child’s pose are two frequently requested postures. I’ve been in classes where the teacher says, ‘Now everyone get ready for your FAVORITE posture, child’s pose!’ Like they’re a game show host.

For some people, sure, these postures can be relaxing. Or at one time they were. But I want to address those who hate these postures.

You are not alone.

Just because other people like a posture, does NOT mean there is something wrong with you. MANY people are going into these postures and not saying a word because they feel ‘other’. Maybe you have sensitive acid reflux, are pregnant and not sharing, have joint pain, inner ear, or find the quiet and stillness challenging.

You are not alone.

If you are reading this and wanting to raise your hand because the long holds in these postures are more than you can bear. We can help. There are other options and every time I teach child’s pose in Yoga 101, I address the sneaky elephant in the room. Not everyone finds child’s pose enjoyable.

You are not alone.

We can find something that works better. Reply to this email and let me know! We will figure out a better way, so you can stay connected and engaged without dreading those positions.

If you are reading this and find both of those postures to be OK. That’s fine, but there are thousands of yoga postures, and you might find one that doesn’t land in your body. Guess what? We can help with that one too.

Don’t let shame change how you really feel in your body. No one, not even I can truly know what it feels like to be you.