A change of scenery. Sometimes that’s all it takes to find the space in your mind to reset.

Last weekend, my husband and I went to Chicago for a quick trip. The goal was to walk. Some people love to hike nature, we like to trek cities. We both were feeling a bit taxed last week and without going into too much detail, we just needed to step away for a couple days. I think I’m more recharged after a 2-3 day trip out of town than a 10 day vacation. Do you feel that way?

I don’t know when our city walks became a thing, but over time and experiences, ‘walking a city’ is one of our favorite ways to experience a place. The air and scenery as we put our feet on the ground and explore have created some of our best memories.

More than once, walking a city has found us in an area that maybe we shouldn’t be in, but I assure Levi that most crime doesn’t happen between 8-10am as people walk with their coffee. Or maybe I’m telling myself that? More than once, we got so far out, an Uber had to be called. But we just get up the next day, grab our coffee and do it again. Rain, snow or shine, we just plan ourselves accordingly and go.

It costs very little, is the best way to learn a new place and will definitely give you a richer experience of wherever you are.

At the end, feeling the physical exhaustion and peace of mind as you physically cleansed yourself of your daily patterns, to reward yourself with home is incredibly nourishing. I asked Levi over the weekend, ‘which one is the real us? The walkers or the people we are at home?’

‘Both,’ he said.

Both. And for whatever reason, that was the most comforting idea.

Walk with me,