I was teaching my meditation class this week and we touched upon how certain things we say in casual conversations, specifically with new people, elicit specific responses.

For example, if I say that I’m a yoga teacher, the individual will often explain all the reasons they can’t do yoga. In some exchanges, I don’t even say that and just say, I own a small business. You’d be amazed at how rarely they ask me what kind of business I have.

One of my students said recently they met someone and instead of the ‘what do you do’ question, the person asked, ‘What are you currently obsessed with?’ leading to a more meaningful conversation.

Whoever this person is, I love that they’re out there changing the narrative on an otherwise dull conversation starter.

So I offer this to you, especially if you’re sick of the uninspired chatter. How by being a touch more thoughtful, could you make a meaningful impression? And also, what are you obsessed with right now?

Challenge the mundane,


PS: I’m currently obsessed with updating my kitchen.