5 things Yoga taught me

1.      Put the phone down

Yoga has been a great avenue for me to disconnect over time, but as technology advances, it makes stepping into places without it even more important. Ancient practioners didn’t have the amount of [silly] distractions that we do today. Yoga has changed because the sources of our stressors have changed. According to a survey conducted by reviews.org, Americans check their phones an average of 344 times per day.

Schedule time to be off technology.

2.      Pause before reacting

I don’t know when I started this, but I try to take a beat before responding. Maybe I repeat what was said to me in my head, maybe I’m checking a flare inside of myself, whatever it is, I try (keyword try) to pause first. It gives me space to breathe and a moment to be more intentional with what I say or do next.

3.      When things start speeding up, slow down

We are always trying to keep up, but in my experience that’s when I make mistakes. So when I feel something ramping up, I use that energy as a reminder to slow down, be present and breathe.

4.      You’re never going to get it all done

Make peace with that and use it as a tool to figure out what is actually important and use those nuggets of experience to feed your future.

5.      Being uncomfortable for a few minutes can be transformative

Am I figuring something out? Sitting with a sensation that is new or different? Do I not have all the information yet? We are in a society that puts a lot of energy into avoiding discomfort for the sake of our ego. But what if that discomfort was the sign your ego is transforming? Would you let yourself be with it longer? Who would you be after those moments passed? Who would you be if you set ego aside and said, ‘I don’t know.’

What has yoga taught you?