Dear friends, fellow teachers, colleagues, students, and clients,

I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful spring returning to Central Illinois.

I am writing to share some news; anticipating that to some this will come as a surprise, to others, perhaps not as much.

Part of 2013, and all of 2014 proved to be challenging times; and thus far, 2015 seems to be following that pattern, at least for me. It has been a time of profound transition, powerful transformation, and, as I hear others’ stories, that seems to the energy of these times….

As most of you know, due to circumstances around my dad’s illness and duties of property management in North Carolina, I was away quite often for extended periods of time during the last couple of years, with December of 2014 ending with my dad’s passing away.
These circumstances created lots of additional work to the teachers and some confusion for students from time to time at Main Street Yoga. It also, unfortunately created tremendous challenges domestically. That being said, it was during late February of this year that Debra and I decided we should live separately.

After careful consideration, I have decided to leave Illinois and move back to my home state of North Carolina in late May. I will continue teaching yoga and practicing massage and bodywork once I arrive and settle in. (After all, I still have my daughter in college for a couple more years, and will plan on moving toward a less busy professional career once she’s out on her own).

This decision to leave Bloomington, and all of you is not an easy one. I have been in the community since 1993, and at Main Street Yoga for more than ten years.

I will miss you all, will miss teaching, working, and sharing life with everyone. But I think it’s important to be reminded that the only constant in life is change. Also please keep in mind that Debra and I are good people, and we both will continue to do good work, as will all of you. And let us all remember this; change brings with it opportunity for growth, new direction, inspiration, and opportunities.

I hope you also know anytime you are in the south, either visiting North Carolina, or passing through, you have an open invitation to visit me. Additionally, my plan is to return to Bloomington in late September to teach my yoga therapy program for Carmen Shaffer and her students pursuing a certification as yoga therapists. I would love to see you when I’m here in town.

And lastly, know that all of you who are students of Main Street Yoga have the consistent support and direction of Carmen and her staff of well trained and gifted teachers. She has accomplished amazing things since becoming the new director/owner early this year. And for those of you who are massage clients of mine, there are three really good ones ( Jessi, Megan, and Hillary) on the first floor you can work with, as well as with Dr. Ashlesha Raut, our Ayurvedic physician. That being said, I know my departure will leave you in most capable hands ! Please feel free to call me or email me if you’d like.

with warmth, and kindest regards,
309 287 0576