• A) They don’t feel qualified to take the program because while they have been practicing regularly for a year or more, they don’t think they are advanced enough
  • B) They want to take the training, but they don’t want to teach

To Person A:

An ‘advanced’ practitioner is NOT someone who can put their foot behind their head. An advanced practitioner is someone who knows when they shouldn’t.

I have students who have been in their practice for many years and who still keep a toe on the ground in tree pose because they know that’s better for them. I know teachers who have injured themselves so badly doing the more ‘impressive’ postures-they only do gentle or restorative yoga anymore. I know people who have gone through the teacher training of all ages and ability (notice I didn’t use the word skill). Skill is something you develop in the training. Its something that’s just for you. And can be flexed in a variety of ways.

To Person B:

In my experience, only about half of the people who go through YTT actually teach. Many, many people go through the program for their own personal development. This program really should be called ‘Advanced Training & Teacher Certification’ or something to the effect. I think that sometimes people only see YTT as a direct path to a classroom, but its beyond that. In YTT there is a deep level of self-inquiry that happens. Students are challenged to face themselves in a way that a 75-90min class cant do. Its an intense program that truly transforms every single person who goes through it.

What should you read before doing YTT? I could give a huge list, but because there is quite a bit of homework, you might consider The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin. It is a book that helps people identify how they build their habits and routines. Having a good understand of yourself prior to the program is helpful.

I would ask the person reading this, who has been quiet about their curiosity to take a moment and send me a message (carmen@mainstreetyoga.com) letting me know they’re curious. I can show you the manual and books. We can talk about your ‘why’. I have no desire to do the hard sell, because that’s not for people interested in YTT. People come to this on their own-like a calling. Letting me know you’re interested in learning more, I can give you classes to better prepare you, books to read, workshops and things to try. You get put on a special list and are the first to know about upcoming programs and compliments to them.

I look forward to hearing from the person hesitating right now. This is your sign.