What to do to get ready for teacher training?

If you are someone seriously looking to take our 200hour Yoga Teacher Training, this article is for you.

I get a lot of questions from potential 200hr students about how to best prepare themselves for the program. I decided to write up this article with suggestions so if you’re thinking about taking the program, you can start to ‘feel out’ if 200hour is right for you.

All potential 200hr students need to have 1 year of consistent practice. Why? Because you will be asked to maintain that during your 200hour and those who don’t have consistency in the practice, tend to have a harder time. You also need to be a student of a Pranakriya teacher for at least 6 months. This will get you into the culture of our lineage and also, help you decide if our program is right for you.

The first step is to email me: Carmen@mainstreetyoga.com to let me know you’re interested in the 200hr. That way I can keep you updated on programs I think you’ll be interested in moving forward.

Also, I recommend taking the following programs, all running programs can be found under our Events Tab (ordered as a suggestion):

Yoga 101: Foundations of Yoga (8 weeks)

Have you already taken this? That’s ok, retake it with a teacher’s mind. Listen to what students are asking, what physical considerations they’re working with. Also, reaffirm your own foundations and deepen your understanding. Going back to the basics is a wonderful way to create a deeper understanding of your practice!

Yoga 102: Applications of Yoga 101* (6 weeks)

Yoga 102 helps deepen the information from 101! Here we talk about assists, incorporating breath, theory and home practice. This class is a great precursor to 200hour because it will lay the foundation of some concepts 200hour will dig into more deeply!

*Completion of Yoga 101 REQUIRED regardless of experience

Yamas & Niyamas – Lecture Series* (10 weeks)

Join live or walk through it online at your own pace, we use Deborah Adele’s book as the foundation of this program. Each week for 10 weeks you can dig into different aspects of yoga theory and move through your week applying how they function in daily life. This is a great program for anyone looking at yoga as a lifestyle.

                *can be taken in conjunction with any program. No prerequisites required.

Posture Breakdown Class (Coming Soon)

This weekly class highlights a specific posture to dissect and work on with the support of a teacher. Postures range in complexity and students are encouraged to work within their own capacity. Students are asked to self-guide warm-ups for 15mins. Not encouraged for beginners.

200hour Workshop (2 hours)

Occasionally we offer a 200hour workshop for those interested in 200hour Yoga Teacher Training. This is an opportunity to ask questions, review past materials and learn about the program. You will also be taken through the Posture Training Sequence which is our custom class utilizing all the postures taught in YTT.

Meditation 101 (6 weeks)

Meditation is a hot topic at the moment because of its natural ability to lower blood pressure, relieve stress & anxiety, develop mindfulness and aide in concentration. Meditation is also a very old form of prayer that has been practiced for thousands of years.

Join Carmen in this 6-week series as you learn yoga theory how it develops the mind into a regular meditation practice. Learn a variety of ways to meditate and create a practice that works for you.

This program will offer you opportunities to practice and find yourself within your practice.

Please bring a journal with you to class.

Deepen your Practice: 2 hour Meditative Yoga

Ever find yourself “wanting more” after shavasana? Curious about “diving deeper” into your practice? This class may be what you’re looking for!

Join us for two hours of dedicated practice where you will be guided and challenged through a series of pranayama techniques (breathing), asanas (postures), and meditation. This class is designed to introduce new concepts, and may bring the practitioner to a space otherwise not accessible with a shorter practice time.

This is only offered once a month and every class will vary slightly depending on who is teaching.

Prepare for a variety of pranayama techniques that can calm and also energize your body, a series of warm-ups to prepare your body for the main sequence of yoga postures, which may include standing, seated, kneeling, supine, and prone positions. Modifications and assists will be offered frequently throughout class in order to promote safety but also to provide challenge, create heat, and build body awareness.


Our workshops are an affordable opportunity to cover a variety of topics in greater detail. Balance, stress, meditation and theory are all great topics to dig deeper into. Workshops not only give you a deeper understanding of yourself, but the community created inside can also deepen your understanding of others. Pick any that you’re interested in!