MSY Mission Statement:
Committed to creating a safe and sacred community moving together through the journey of self.

I want to begin by welcoming you all to the new Main Street Yoga.  The MSY teachers and I have been working very hard to recreate a space that honors your journey and holds the space sacred for your experience-which is why I feel a mission statement is the best way to convey what we want to bring you.  Our passion is to be of service.

Upon taking over the studio almost exactly one year ago-I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, exactly.  I had a lot of big ideas as far as programming and I knew I wanted to grow the space, I knew I wanted to create a place where people felt comfortable, but I had no idea how those ideas would turn into the makeover it became.  What has become the back studio (or Studio B)-has had about 3 different concepts seriously proposed and weighed out. Painting the front space-wasn’t event on the itinerary until about October.  But what has transpired has been an organic process based off the feedback of everyone.  YOU created this space-we only executed the vision of the whole.

The vision moving forward is one I want to see clearly WITH you.  You have no idea how seriously I take the feedback I so readily receive (that WE all receive) because this space is NOT about me or the other teachers-this space is about YOU!

So from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for being open to the process of change over the last year.  Thank you for your comments of suggestion or of support.  And please know-we are all listening with an intent ear.