I’ve never felt a sense of completion by finishing a To Do list.

That’s the goal, isn’t it? Except, the To Do list is a magical being of judgement. If I were to put a fairy tale spin on the To Do list, I might even wonder if the To Do list is a curse of the wood sprite-their ultimate gag to make the person’s desires not come true.

And yet, we return each time to create a list to later feel our own judgement of self for not finishing it.

But I wonder…maybe the To Do list’s job is not to be completed, but to be made. The list itself is to organize our thoughts and create intention, but at some point the relevancy of the list expires and we throw it out to make a new updated list. One that will serve us for the current moment.

Thus, perpetuating the cycle.

If we begin and do not finish, is that a bad thing? What if the activity of creating and starting is the most valuable piece of the process.