A Farmer’s Meditation

Early in my relationship with Levi, we found ourselves in this cyclical argument we couldn’t find our way out of. Any source of tension at the time would be a catalyst for the same fight and it was wearing us out.

At the time, I was working on the farm. Driving over one day, I thought about my grandparent’s relationship. They were solid to each other up until we lost my grandpa in 89. Grandma and Grandpa were well known for the strength of their bond and had sweet, but practical rules Levi and I often say back and forth to each other.

This day on the farm, I knew the plan was to mow all day. If you have ever worked or lived on a farm, you understand how much mowing there is to do. I get to Grandma’s house and proceed to mow for hours at the same time chewing over this argument trying to find a way to move on from it.

I remember what pasture I was working when the solution occurred to me. And as I finished the plot and ended my day, I went back in to visit with Grandma before heading home.

“Grandma,” I say as I enter the living room, “I know why you and Grandpa never fought. Levi and I had an issue and I sorted it out while I mowed!”

Grandma starts nodding gently looking out the sliding glass door, “Yup, and some days I had to do a LOT of mowing.”

Contemplation isn’t always done seated. Consider some of those places you can be alone with your thoughts as nurturing spaces (a mower, a run/walk, etc).