I still actively use Pinterest for help with different things. I use it for recipes, travel tips, home repairs, etc. It has helped enrich my life in many ways. One of my tabs is motivational quotes or words of wisdom. I will venture to that tab if I need a little boost, some grounding or *gasp* motivation for a letter to put in my newsletter.

Some of my favorites that I’ve referred back to over the years are:

‘Don’t let someone live rent-free in your mind.’ –(largely referenced back to Ann Landers)

‘Don’t judge your beginning by someone else’s middle.’ -Jon Acuff

‘Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will love its whole life believing that it is stupid.’ -Albert Einstein

What I like about these is the space for introspection. To me, these are way more motivational than a sign that reads, ‘Be great today.’ My rebellious mind would think, ‘but I don’t wanna.’ Also, I find it impossible to be great every day. Sometimes I have cramps or didn’t sleep well-it’s not a recipe for disaster, but some days my ‘being great’ is showing up.

I see that in my students sometimes as well. All the work it took to get to class because they know the hardest part is just getting there. And as Yoganand would say, ‘If you only have 70% off your 100% to give your practice today, then bring 100% of that 70%.’

Be great tomorrow. Be true to you today. I’ll appreciate each degree of the 70% you’ve got.