Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga:

Each class begins with a round-table where we take time for discussion and friendship. This is an opportunity for each mother to talk about how she is feeling and ask any questions. There is a special camaraderie and closeness that comes during this time and most women find the support to be invaluable.

The discussion is followed by a short centering and meditation-aided by breathwork to quiet the mind and bring focus to the body. The physical practice focuses on gentle stretching with the aide of some restorative or yin postures to help relax low back and hips-areas that commonly feel the biggest aches during pregnancy. For new mothers-this time is used to rejuvenate the body as it begins the process of reconnecting to this new journey.

Each class is a unique experience tailored to all stages of pregnancy. We finish the yoga session with deep rest and relaxation.

Level: For all women from the “conception” phase to delivery.

*This is a sacred space for moms only-if you would like to practice yoga with baby please see the Events page for a list of Baby & Me and Family Yoga options.