300-hr Yoga Therapist Training

500 Hour Yoga Therapy Certification

Yoga therapy is a growing field which is gaining acceptance as a complementary healing modality. This program has been taught across the country and in Canada and has many graduates working in the field of yoga therapy. Our program is based on understanding, experiencing and learning ancient yoga philosophy and practices combined with the latest scientific research into the effects of yoga on health, transformation and well-being.

Yoga Therapy offers a unique and deeply transformative perspective on healing for the body, mind and spirit.

This 500 hour yoga therapy program is designed for yoga practitioners, teachers and health care providers who want to specialize in yoga’s therapeutic aspects. This program provides the following skills and training:

  • Training in common diseases and dysfunctions from both a western model and a Yoga model.
  • Integration of the Tantra Hatha Yoga tools of asana, pranayama and meditation into the treatment of musculoskeletal, medical and psychological conditions.
  • Become a trained yoga therapist capable of working in private or group settings.
  • Evaluating a client for musculoskeletal and psychological conditions and applying yoga techniques as treatment.
  • Developing plans of care based on evaluations.

The curriculum consists of the following core courses and teachers:

  • Functional Anatomy and Therapeutic Yoga (30 hours) with Marlysa Sullivan or Tra Kirkpatrick
  • Musculoskeletal Assessment (30 hours) with Marlysa Sullivan or Tra Kirkpatrick
  • The Yoga Way: Towards Psychological and Emotional Health and Well-being (30 hours) with Holle Black- main/ Stacie Smith or Marlysa co-lead
  • Yoga and Trauma: Healing with Tantra Hatha Yoga (20 hours)with Holle Black
  • Seeds of Change: Tantra Hatha Yoga for Discovery and Transformation (30 hours)with Tra Kirkpatrick
  • Tantra Hatha Yoga approach to Chronic Pain and Common Medical Conditons (20 hours)with Marlysa Sullivan
  • Meditation through the Yoga Tradition (30 hours)with Marlysa Sullivan
  • Bhagavad Gita (30 hours) with Matthew Falkowski
  • Internship (60 hours) with Tra Kirkpatrick
    • 6 mo. Program
    • Use milestones to work independently and with group-connecting monthly via virtual meetings
    • 1 on 1 mentoring
    • Work with individual clients and teach therapeutic groups
    • Observation work
    • Personal Practice work
  • Electives- choose one:
    Myofasciae, Prana and the Bandhas: Merging Anatomy and Spirit with Jeffrey Shoaf
    Therapeutic Meditation Retreat: A Body Journey to Access your Inner Wisdom and Truth with Tracey Sondik and Marlysa Sullivan

Coming soon: Body Image with Anne Falkowski and modules on Therapeutic Assisting and sequencing

View Complete List of Course Descriptions HERE.