Yoga 101: Foundations of Yoga

Next 8 week session begins Tuesday, October 31st at 7:30pm

Yoga 101 is designed to develop foundational knowledge for students new to yoga. All students will receive one individual session with Carmen outside of the class to further their body awareness by customizing their practice to suit their needs.

  • Learn the basic history of yoga and why we practice
    Learn basic breathing techniques to aide with sleep and stress
    Learn the names of postures and how to do them correctly

Cost: $100 (includes private session)

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Hot Stone and Chakra Balancing w. Pam

Saturday, September 30th, 5-7pm

Experience total Spa bliss while in the yoga studio. While in restorative poses hot stones will be placed upon your 7 Energy Centers (Chakra’s) to help induce relaxation, release stress and tension, and help clear any blockages you may have.

Cost: $40

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Pranakriya Yoga is an approach to Hatha Yoga based on the Tantric teachings of Swami Kripalu, an ascetic monk who practiced yoga ten hours each day for over 30 years.  Pranakriya Yoga is founded on the principle that all yoga practices were originally meant to do the following:

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