Astrology Wheel Workshop: Virgo

Tuesday, September 20th from 6-7pm Get ready to immerse yourself as you work your way around the wheel of the year learning about and working with Sun Signs, Moon Signs, Ascending Signs, and what it means to be on the cusp. Join Amber in the wheel around the year learning astrology and working with gemstones to help you evolve into your higher self. Learn how to understand and work with the energy of your children, spouse, and co- workers better. Take the journey into the astrological realm where together you will learn from each other and find peace in areas where there is conflict and misunderstanding, together you will find self-forgiveness and self-love, and  a better understanding of your soul purpose. Cost: $25 Early Bird: $20
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Q&A Session on Body Mechanics and Yoga

Q&A Session on Body Mechanics and Yoga

with David Crenshaw, a physical therapist/yoga therapist/teacher of the 500 hour level.
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Lullaby Yoga

Lullaby Yoga

Johanna Beekman’s Lullaby Yoga is a unique blend of restorative and yin yoga with heart-opening live music. Her class focuses on deep relaxation and healing, using principles from therapeutic yoga, yoga nidra, and nada yoga (yoga of sound).
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