What do I need to know about taking LIVE classes at the studio during Covid-19?

MSY Rules of Sanitation/Distancing at MSY
1.Keep doors open so people don’t have to touch
  • Block open the downstairs door upon entry. Leave open during class so people don’t have to touch the handles.
  • Keep upstairs door open. Only the teacher is allowed to close it prior to class beginning.
2.Leave windows open or open between classes to air out
  • You can open the windows in both studios to create a cross breeze during class
  • You can use heat or AC as needed, even with the windows open
  • If weather or preference dictates having the windows closed, turn the Fan to ON to keep the air moving.
  • Be sure to put a sandbag in front of the Studio B door, so it doesn’t blow shut and scare everyone!
3.Mark out locations for mats
  • There will be 4 places for students to set up, marked by tape
  • Students MUST provide their own mat
  • Chairs will be placed in each area for students to set their bags or hang their coats. Community hooks will be discontinued until further notice.
4.Discontinue use of loaner mats
5.Discontinue active pranayamas like: hara breath and kapalabhati
6.No hot yoga
7.Students and Teachers will be asked to attend virtually if they have:
  • Traveled out of state within the last 2 weeks of class
  • Are experiencing a cough or upper respiratory issues
  • Have a fever
  • Experiencing any sudden numbness in their hands or feet
  • If a student arrives to class and admits to any of the prior experiences, they will be dismissed from class without penalty fee
8.Contact-less payment
  • Students need to prepay online prior to attending.
  • Any issues with prepayment, please have them contact Carmen to make payment arrangements.
9.Students who no-call/no-show to LIVE classes will be charged a penalty payment.
  • 1st time: $3 will be charged to the card on file
  • 2nd time: $5 will be charged to the card on file
  • 3rd time and after: $7 will be charged to the card on file.
  • Students will receive no prior notice of the charge.
10.Have Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer available
  • Hand Sanitizer will be available at each station and there will be a station at the door
11. Require people to use hand sanitizer upon entry and wear masks unless they are on their mats
  • There will be hand sanitizer at the door
  • If a student gets up to go to the bathroom, they must wear a mask
12. Encourage people to bring own props, blankets
  • While students can still can use MSY props, having students bring their own insure less potential for surface contact
  • Students need to bring a clean pillow case to class if they want to use a bolster
13. Establish rule that if people use props, to leave them on the floor once done so they can be sanitized.
14. Have gloves for teachers to clean
15. Use approved Lysol spray for straps, blankets, and bolsters
16. Wipe down cubbies, door handles and bathroom after each class
  • Use a different wipe for each area of cleaning
  • Teachers take a wipe with you down the banister as you close up and throw away in an outdoor garbage can

How do I access the studio?

Our studio is located on the 2nd floor of 418 N. Main Street, Bloomington, Illinois.  Facing the building, please enter through the blue door to the left of the lobby and go up the first set of stairs to the landing.  The door is labeled and you can take off your shoes and place them in the cubby before entering our sacred space.

Do I need to be in shape, be flexible or have any past experience with exercise to do yoga?

No. All people of various shapes and sizes, mental and physical abilities, age groups, and so on, can find a Yoga class that is right for their abilities. Any Yoga class can be generalized to fit several different types of people or specialized to accommodate all sorts of special needs. The importance of taking things nice and slow, working at one’s own pace and doing what feels right for the individual is a basis for all yoga practice.

What would be helpful to know before I come to class?

Read our guidelines for yoga etiquette.

I dont have a mat, is there one at the studio I can borrow?

Yes, we have mats you can borrow without a charge, but keep in mind, they are on a first-come first-serve basis.  So please allow yourself enough time to get to the studio early enough (usually 10-15mins) to insure you get one.

What is your cancellation policy on Events and Workshops?

Within 48 hours of the workshop/event start time, refunds will no longer be issued for any reason.

Refunds requested 48-96 hours prior to the events start time will be issued a 75% refund on purchase price.

For all credit & debit purchases: Refunds requested prior to 96 hours of start time for event will receive a 95% return on purchase price, due to additional credit card fees.

For cash and check payments: Refunds requested prior to the 96 hour start time of the event will receive 100% of the purchase price.

Tickets are not transferable to other events.
Tickets may not be redeemed for cash or credit.
If you want to transfer your ticket to another person and need MSY to assist, there will be a $10 fee. Otherwise, just email manager@mainstreetyoga.com the name of the person taking your ticket.

Is Yoga a religion?

No, Yoga is a Sanskrit word which means “union”: of body, mind and soul. It offers guidelines for all aspects of your life: postures & breathing techniques for your BODY; concentration for your MIND; and meditation for your SOUL. It also offers ethical guidelines, but Yoga is not dogmatic. You can be any religion you want (or none) and practice it. What we can say is that yoga often makes you closer to your own spiritual path by helping you go inwards to find your own truth.

We look forward to having you in class! ~MSY Family