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The Healing Arts Center is a health and wellness center on the ground floor below the studio on 418 North Main Street. We offer quality therapeutic and relaxing massage therapies and Ayurveda. Massage has many benefits besides just making you feel great (although this is enough!) It eases out tension and stress from the body, improves circulation and rehabilitates tissues. In conjunction with regular yoga classes you can keep your body in great shape while enjoying feelings of well-being and connectedness.

Massage Therapists

*for more information, please contact each person individually.

Jessi Hamill – Massage Therapist NMT

Jessi attended the Soma Institute – The National School of Clinical Massage Therapy in downtown Chicago. She graduated in 2004 with honors. She is licensed in the State of Illinois and is a professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association.  Jessi specializes in therapeutic work using techniques including Trigger Point Release, Myofascial Release, Muscle Restorative Therapy, Deep Tissue and Swedish.   Most therapies are included in all sessions all are available at no additional cost.

Please call (309) 830-2494 for appointments, rates, discounts or any further questions.

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Megan Hughes – Massage Therapist NCTM

Megan’s interest in massage therapy began when she was in a car accident that caused whiplash injuries.  The whiplash injuries left Megan in pain and even caused weakness and numbness in her hands.  She thought she would try massage therapy to get some relief and it absolutley changed her life.  After several massage sessions her pain was eliminated and the strength returned to her hands and wrists.  To her suprise, she also got relief from the anxiety that had negatively impacted her life for years.  Megan decided that she needed to put her regained strength to good use, so she enrolled in the Massage Therapy program at Lincoln College in Normal IL.

Megan graduated from the massage therapy program in 2012 with 660 hours of training in several modalities, including swedish, deep tissue, trigger point release, reflexology, and energetic work.  Megan uses various assessment techniques in order to create a massage that will be most beneficial to you.  If you go to Megan’s website you can view a full menu of services and take advantage of easy online scheduling.  You may also call Megan to schedule an appointment or ask any questions at 309-287-0716.

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Hillary Laird – MA, Licensed Massage Therapist

After earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees in psychology and working a desk job for 8 years, Hillary decided to pursue her dream of becoming a massage therapist.  She attended the massage therapy program at Lincoln College – Normal under the instruction of Sheri Wright, and has since become an instructor for the same program.  She graduated and became licensed in 2010, and has since worked for traditional spas, chiropractors, and a massage membership center.

It was there that she decided to start her own business that takes the best of the massage membership – affordability and consistency of care – and combines it with the best of an independent practice – high quality massage and ease of scheduling with the same therapist. To contact Hillary for an appointment or any other reason, she can be reached via call or text at (309) 531-4455 or by email at hillary@bnmassagetherapy.com.

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Dr. Ashlesha Raut, 309-826-8799 /  DrAshleshaRaut@yahoo.com

pile of ground turmericAyurveda is India’s traditional, natural system of medicine that has been practiced for more than 5,000 years. Ayurveda provides an integrated approach to preventing and treating illness through lifestyle interventions and natural therapies. Ayurvedic theory states that all disease begins with an imbalance or stress in the individual’s consciousness. Lifestyle interventions are a major ayurvedic preventive and therapeutic approach.

In India, ayurvedic practitioners receive state- recognized, institutionalized training in parallel to their physician counterparts in India’s state-supported systems for conventional Western biomedicine and homeopathic medicine. The research base is growing concerning the physiological effects of meditative techniques and yoga postures in Indian medical literature and Western psychological literature. Published studies have documented reductions in cardiovascular disease risk factors, including blood pressure, cholesterol, and reaction to stress, in individuals who practice Ayurvedic methods.

Laboratory and clinical studies on ayurvedic herbal preparations and other therapies have shown them to have a range of potentially beneficial effects for preventing and treating certain cancers, treating infectious disease, promoting health, and treating aging. Mechanisms underlying these effects may include free-radical scavenging effects, immune system modulation, brain neurotransmitter modulation, and hormonal effects.

We offer consultations, Ayurvedic treatments and Ayurvedic supplies. Please visit www.AyurvedaForHealing.com for more information and to set up an appointment. Read below to learn more about our director Ashlesha Raut.
Read below to learn more about our director Ashlesha Raut.

Ashlesha Raut, BAMS, M.D (Ayurveda-India), NC (Nutritional Consultant-USA)

Ashlesha is a Consulting Ayurvedic practitioner and Nutrition & Health Educator. Her expertise also includes research in Ayurvedic product formulation and branding for global markets.

Dr. Ashlesha Raut has an M.D. in Ayurveda from the Ayurvedic Institute in Mumbai, India.  She is also a western trained Nutritional Consultant and is certified in Integrative Medicine.

Ashlesha is M.D. Ayurveda from Mumbai University, India and a Nutritional Consultant (High Honors) from GCNM-Global College of Natural Medicine, CA, USA.. She was awarded a Gold medal for the thesis at M.D. and a prestigious ‘Shiromani Award’ for her contributions towards the alternative medicine in the industry. Ashlesha was a Medical Director with Ayurvedic division of CIPLA, India in Mumbai before moving to USA.

Ashlesha is a professional member of AAPNA (Association of Ayurvedic Practitioners  of North America), General member of NAMA (National Ayurvedic Medical Association – USA) and Life time member of NIMA (National Integrated Medical Association-India). She also holds a position as an Academic board member at AAPNA. Ashlesha has attended and presented many research papers in the Ayurvedic industry in USA and India.

She is authorized teaching faculty and an active volunteer at the American Red Cross Heartland Chapter in IL,USA and has won recognitions for her contributions to American Red Cross. To make an appointment with Dr. Raut please contact her personally at 309-826-8799 or send her an email at: DrAshleshaRaut@yahoo.com.

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